Jes Osrow Bio

I get sh*t done and have the energy of four people. My goal is talk transparently about and create fundamental change in People Operations.  Iā€™m a no BS kind of person focused on hands on engagement, real world experiences, and communicating about both successes and struggles in personal and professional realms. Key areas of expertise are:

  • Organizational Development, employee engagement, and people strategy

  • Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and how to use data to show tangible change

  • Invisible Disabilities, career, and employment

  • (Combating) Imposter Syndrome

  • Women in tech, startups, and entrepreneurship

  • Career coaching and talent development

  • E-Workbook education (like this series of e-workbooks to augment personal branding)

As Co-Founder of The Rise Journey, I work with growth stage companies to design and implement strategies to build the best team and develop a sustainable organizational culture.  As the Director of People and Culture at TodayTix, I put theoretical People Ops ideas into best practices.