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5 Questions to Cultivate Excellent Interns: Part 1

This is the first installment in a five part series of how to cultivate excellent interns

 Why Interns?

“Why do we want an intern program?” is the most important question to ask before developing one.  Defining how interns will help bring company success while simultaneously engaging them in new learning experiences will lead the way to an accomplished and successful program.


Company Benefits

Employees get a new challenge with the opportunity to directly mentor and have an important impact on growing minds.  Happy interns are advocates for your company and its mission.


Fresh Perspectives


Interns bring new ideas, modern and updated perspectives on old and outdated routines.  This benefits employees by improving skills and awareness of new technologies and practices. Interns are often students or fresh out of college, they are filled with knowledge and ideas waiting to be put to use.


“Real World” Education

Giving back by providing a “real world” education is rewarding in a number of ways.  Allowing an intern a glimpse into the boardroom, cubical, or tech startup allows them to make better choices for themselves in the future.  Helping them to figure out an area of interest to pursue powerfully affects interns’ future and those in it.  Lessons about deadlines, networking, and hard work are invaluable for any direction they may choose.


New Hires

New Hires

Often overlooked but a very important aspect of internships is a chance to test-drive a new hire.  While this could seem selfish, the intern should also be trying out your company.  Interns are a great way to network with new groups of people, organizations, and colleges and universities.


Employee Training

Higher-level employees have a chance to manage and engage a new generation, which improves management skills.  Human Resources gets a chance to interview more, learning about the best ways to present the positions available, talk about culture, and gather more information about how the hire a new generation of employees.


Why interns?  In short, interns benefit employers of all sizes.  They help to bolster and augment skills of current employees.  With high expectations, internships create win-win situations for all parties involved.  If this all makes sense, the real question is, Why not interns?