Hi!  I'm Jes. I get sh*t done, have the energy of four people, and only put my name on things that represent me best.  I contribute with enthusiasm and a “it’s not done until it’s done right" mentality.

My goal is talk transparently about HR, recruitment, and talent development (since these topics get a bad rap).  I like to create and join conversations as a means of being part of a fundamental change in approaches and underlying assumptions in the People Ops realms.

Who am I? I'm Talent Development Specialist.  My skills include individualized coaching, creating and teaching professional development workshops at all levels, and as of late, the creator of a series of e-workbooks.

My areas of expertise include Diversity & Inclusion, transitions into/out of tech, strengthening of personal brand, identifying transferrable skills, building a professional network, and exploring industries that are conducive to continual professional development.

Check me out in action: